How can I manage my albums?

Martin Kühne -

Managing your photo albums in Unfade is intuitive and easy.

Just open up the album you wish to edit and choose the tool you need from the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.


Add Photos - Scan new photos which will be moved directly into the opened album

Rename - Gave your album the wrong name accidentally? Rename it with a single tap

Delete - Don’t need this album anymore? Just the delete the whole thing. You can choose to delete all the contained photos as well. Else they will be moved to “All Photos”

Share - Share your album to another app or upload the album for further use.


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    Scott Wellington

    How do I arrange photos within an album? (Move then around)

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    Paul Damian Selby

    I took photos of faded photos with my iPhone BEFORE getting this app!
    How do I get to those in order to "Unfade" them?

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