How can I help you guys?

Martin Kühne -

Glad you asked! We love to get feedback and to know what you think about the app.

If you want to help the development of Unfade, there a numerous ways:

Found a bug?

Let us know! Shoot us an email via or by using “Contact Support” in the settings.

Got any suggestions for features you would love to see in the app?

Reach out to us using “Contact Support” in the settings of the app or by sending an email to

Write a review on the AppStore! We are reading all of them and are happy to hear from you!

Want to show your love for the app and shout it out to the world?

Let your friends know what you think of the app! Use “Share with friends” in the settings to inform them via Facebook, Twitter or email that you found a great app to scan those old photo albums you had lying around!

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